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WEPA Pronounced: (Weh-pah). A word of jubilation that is commonly used by Puerto Ricans. It normally is yelled at high volumes in a nasal manner, especially after something that is celebrated. “WEPA” normally means: “All right!, Good job!, Congratulations!, Yeah!, Woo hoo!, What’s up!”

At WEPA, we celebrate authentic Puerto Rican food MADE IN OUR KITCHEN FROM TRADITIONAL RECIPES. A lifelong dedication to discovering great food brought us full circle back to our roots. Our team at WEPA is the vision of Jean Totti, who was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His passion for food was born from handwritten family recipes dating back three generations.

This legacy is the inspiration for our menu. We are drawn to ingredients from local markets here as we are at home, following the centuries-old tradition of visiting the Plaza del Mercado. At WEPA, diners can enjoy street foods or “picadera” as well as traditional meals such as Carne Frita; Mofongo; Paella; Chicharrones de Pollo; and many others that we enjoy on the island alongside friends and family.

St. Petersburg now has it’s FIRST authentic Puerto Rican restaurant in the Warehouse Arts District of Downtown St. Petersburg. You won’t have to travel far to eat like you ARE in Puerto Rico. Bienvenidos!.

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(727) 420-7832


11am – 9pm


*Closed on Mondays


2149 3rd. Ave. South
St. Petersburg, FL 33712
(*across from 3 Daughters Brewing)



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